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Benifits of PTC

When you go direct to a carrier, you lose objectivity
• Ultimately, you are familiar with only a handful of products
• The “best deals” are whatever the carrier is pushing at the time, as opposed to what may be the best solution for your business
• Carrier-specific product names cause confusion

When you go direct to a carrier, you lack continuity
• Different sales processes for different services
• Varied time frames for contracts, installation, repair, etc.
• Service is caught up in sales quota targets for carrier managers
• Employee turnover and disappearing post-sale support are the norm in the carrier world

When you go direct, you lose price flexibility and competitiveness
• Carriers always start with highest prices
• Carriers only provide discounts and promotions to compete with other carriers – they “beat the bid” instead of offering their best deals

When you work with Phone Tech, you gain objectivity
• Because we are carrier agnostic, we offer up the best possible business solution for each customer, based on a deep understanding of service and carrier choices
• We are experts as securing the most reliable, best possible service on a case-by-case basis, and deliver ongoing support

When you work with Phone Tech, you gain single-contact continuity
• Simplification – all service aspects are in one place
• We provide a sustainable business relationship independent of any carrier, product or service
• We provide permanent post-sale support

When you work with Phone Tech, you gain price flexibility and competitiveness
• We can deliver the best prices possible for your needs, with a range of service levels and choices
• We deliver faster, more efficient quotes than any carrier direct rep can deliver, and because carriers know we provide detailed cost-benefit analyses, we often receive pricing for clients that direct carrier reps can not access themselves


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